Sunday, 4 November 2012

Empties - Volume 1

I love seeing other peoples empties posts, so thought I would jump on the band waggon and do my own one. Although all the things that are empty this time round are pretty boring! I'm not going to do these every month, as I don't feel I go through that much stuff, mainly because I have so many things on the go at once!


Herbal Essences - tousle me softly

This is a nice enough shampoo and conditioner combo, it smells nice, but then what Herbal Essences products don't? I didn't feel they left my hair any more tousled, and I really did not like the styling cream that also comes in this range. I actually threw it away as I knew I would never use it. This leaves my hair clean and smelling nice, end of. I will not re-purchase for the tousled effect, but I probably would for the smell.

Wilkinsons - Sweet Vanilla & Honey, shower smoothie

Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit, body scrub

I actually ran out of both of these near enough around the same time, it was just after I got back from my holiday to Spain and I was trying to extend my tan and make myself look glowing. I would happily re-purchase both of these products. Now I know people might think - Wilkinsons show smoothie, I think not! But the smell of this product is amazing!! I cannot gush anymore over this product! If you like sweet smells, then this is for you! I actually have the shower gel as well which I love. I will also be re-purchasing the Body Shop body scrub, but I might try another scent, as I do love them all.


ASDA - Essential Care, Extra firm hold hairspray

Avon - Advance techniques, split end repair

The hairspray is just a generic hairspray, I probably bought this when I had run out of my normal one and needed something to tide me over. I use this when I am doing up dos as I don't mind the crunchiness of it then. The Avon split end repair, is actually a really nice product, It left my hair feeling soft and definitely stronger. It also lasted me a long time, so I will have to check out the next Avon catalogue to check its still available.


Mitchum - Advanced deodorant

Skinology - Tea Tree, deep cleansing facial wipes

Intensive Spa - Citrus moisturising hair mask

To be honest the only thing I would repurchase out of these 3 would be the deodorant! I am normally a Dove worshipper, but I bought this as it was on special offer, it didn't break me out, irritate my skin and did hold back the sweat! What more can I say?? The other 2 products were cheapies I bought to go away with, and neither of them floated my boat. But they served a purpose and were cheap and cheerful.

So what do you all think of empties posts? Do you enjoy fishing through peoples virtual bins like me? Let me know what you think, and also if you have tried any of the above products.


J x

Concealer Trio

I am a new found lover of concealer. I never used to think it was something for me, or that it had any uses. However I have now come to the realisation that it was because I did not fully understand how to use it, or how much it could make a difference.

I now have 3 concealers that  use on a regular basis, and all 3 of them provide me with different coverage and have different uses. So here they are -


Collection Lasting Perfection (Medium 3)  -

This really is a hidden gem. To say this is a cheaper brand, this really does perform. It gives a fantastic colour pay off, and has fantastic coverage. I use this product to cover my spots or any dark marks I may have. This gets the most usage from myself.


2True 3 in 1 Concealer (Medium 3) -

This is a much shearer concealer, and it smooths out nicely. Again this is a cheap brand, and for the money you pay, you get exactly what is says. I use this for better skin days to just give myself a bit more coverage, or under my eyes when I am wearing little makeup.


Rimmel London Match Perfection (030 Classic Beige) -

I LOVE Rimmel foundations! This is just as good as their foundations, I use it under my eyes as it goes on so smoothly and means I can apply it gently with no dragging to the delicate eye area. It provides me with enough highlight to disguise any dark circles, but not enough to make it look obvious. The brush applicator also means you can pin point exactly where you want the product as well, a nice little touch.

 L - R   2True, Collection & Rimmel
Just applied, Top - Bottom   2True, Collection & Rimmel
 Gently rubbed in, Top - bottom   2True, Collection & Rimmel
As you can see all 3 products smooth in nicely and give a good colour pay off. Why by high end, when these 3 drugstore beauties are so good?
Does anyone else have any favourites?

J x 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Kitoko Hair Oil

Kitoko is a brand that I can across by accident. I was having my hair cut in my partners aunts salon, when I was moaning about the condition of my hair. His aunt went and got a bottle and gave it to me to try. When I went home that evening I did a little bit or research about the product and saw that it was an up and coming product and not alot had been said about this yet.

I have now been using the product for around 4 weeks now, and I cannot praise it enough. It really has helped keep my hair under control and keep my ends in better condition. I use this oil morning and evening usually. I tend to put a few drops in my hair whilst it is still damp in the mornings, and then add a few more once I have styled my hair if I feel I want a bit more control over it. I then apply normally around 10 drops in the evening before I go to bed. I wash my hair everyday (naughty I know, however spending alot of time on a farm and around animals means I do tend to get dirty quite quickly) and if I put this on before I go to bed I feel it acts as a bit of a mask, and it does make it nicer to wash in the morning.

Now with the use I've been getting out of this oil, and for the amount of time I've been using it, I can happily say that I have not even got the oil to the top fo the label yet! Talk about value for money! You can buy Kitoko hair oil from LushDuck with prices starting from £6.50 for the smaller size.

Kitoko hair oil in made in the UK and contains no Parabens.
It does however contain - Vitamin A & E, Karite Oil, Argan Oil and a naturally derived UV filter.
Does anyone else use hair oil? And if so what ones and what do you think? Are they worth the hype?



So as you all saw in my mini haul I purchased some Barry M nail gellys. Today I have been wearing the colour Blueberry 235 with a top coat of Maybeline Express Finish in Flash Cosmic 840.

I find the Gelly quite thick and you get a really good colour pay off. I will certainly be purchasing more of these colours. I can see them being staples in my collection. And the Maybeline Express Finish gives it a really nice almost iridescent finish. Definitely a great combo.

Has anyone else tried these? If so why do you think?

J x