Sunday, 4 November 2012

Empties - Volume 1

I love seeing other peoples empties posts, so thought I would jump on the band waggon and do my own one. Although all the things that are empty this time round are pretty boring! I'm not going to do these every month, as I don't feel I go through that much stuff, mainly because I have so many things on the go at once!


Herbal Essences - tousle me softly

This is a nice enough shampoo and conditioner combo, it smells nice, but then what Herbal Essences products don't? I didn't feel they left my hair any more tousled, and I really did not like the styling cream that also comes in this range. I actually threw it away as I knew I would never use it. This leaves my hair clean and smelling nice, end of. I will not re-purchase for the tousled effect, but I probably would for the smell.

Wilkinsons - Sweet Vanilla & Honey, shower smoothie

Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit, body scrub

I actually ran out of both of these near enough around the same time, it was just after I got back from my holiday to Spain and I was trying to extend my tan and make myself look glowing. I would happily re-purchase both of these products. Now I know people might think - Wilkinsons show smoothie, I think not! But the smell of this product is amazing!! I cannot gush anymore over this product! If you like sweet smells, then this is for you! I actually have the shower gel as well which I love. I will also be re-purchasing the Body Shop body scrub, but I might try another scent, as I do love them all.


ASDA - Essential Care, Extra firm hold hairspray

Avon - Advance techniques, split end repair

The hairspray is just a generic hairspray, I probably bought this when I had run out of my normal one and needed something to tide me over. I use this when I am doing up dos as I don't mind the crunchiness of it then. The Avon split end repair, is actually a really nice product, It left my hair feeling soft and definitely stronger. It also lasted me a long time, so I will have to check out the next Avon catalogue to check its still available.


Mitchum - Advanced deodorant

Skinology - Tea Tree, deep cleansing facial wipes

Intensive Spa - Citrus moisturising hair mask

To be honest the only thing I would repurchase out of these 3 would be the deodorant! I am normally a Dove worshipper, but I bought this as it was on special offer, it didn't break me out, irritate my skin and did hold back the sweat! What more can I say?? The other 2 products were cheapies I bought to go away with, and neither of them floated my boat. But they served a purpose and were cheap and cheerful.

So what do you all think of empties posts? Do you enjoy fishing through peoples virtual bins like me? Let me know what you think, and also if you have tried any of the above products.


J x

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  1. I love an empties post and I'm currently saving up my empties to write my own. I came across your blog on beautylish.
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