Monday, 17 September 2012

Blush woes

At this very moment in time I am currently feeling very sorry for myself :(

You see my problem is that I cannot find a flattering blush for my face. I have tried many different brands, collections, colours and textures. And I am yet to find one I am 100% satisfied with. I think I find the one, then I catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window with what looks like a bit of mud smeared across my cheek, and it makes its way to the back of my blusher drawer.

I find blushers are either too dark, too orange, too pink, too chalky, too glittery, too pigmented or not pigmented enough. You can see where I'm going here..........

This is why I have come to the realisation that I need help. I'm not sure whether it is the way in which I apply it or the product, but I just can't seem to obtain that gorgeous flushed face look.

So if anyone out there has any tips to point me in a better direction with my search for a good blush for me, then they would be greatly appreciated.

J x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beauty Ethics?

Do they exist?

Coming from a rural/farming background I think it makes me automatically more aware of how the way products are produced and manufactured from the word go. However, it never used to even cross my mind when it came to my beauty products........ why I do not know, but it just didn't. I mean I've always loved The Body Shop and the fact that they do not test on animals at all, and that they try to use Fair Trade items wherever possible. But I never questioned any of my other favourite brands.

I think recently with more natural brands and products becoming available, and them being of high quality and reasonable price, people are starting to question what it is they are purchasing and using. I find myself more and more now searching for Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free and Environmentally friendly products. This isn't me suddenly deciding that I want to hug trees and burn my bra! (I want to do neither, I think running on the treadmill would be a little uncomfortable if I did this) But it is me starting to actually think about what I purchase rather than buy then think after.

Also are brands now becoming more aware of the effect they can have on the environment and also what they promote to their customers. If Brands were more willing to change small things and encourage kinder products, in a few years would it be the norm for people to buy organic/fair trade shampoo, or have a make up bag filled with products not tested on animals? People seem to be aware of these things on products they consume, however it is not made clear to people about what they put on themselves.

So this is my question to all others -

Do you consciously consider what you buy before you buy it, or do you like me buy before you think?

And if you had the choice would you change your usual products to more natural and kinder products if you could find substitutes?

Can't wait to hear all your thoughts.

J x

EOS vs Balmi

So.... I have read LOADS of reviews about EOS lip balms and also Balmi lip balms. I have been desperate to try out both products, as I am a sucker for wanting to try what other people are trying! So after going on a bit of a beauty splurge recently I managed to purchase both products to try. Here are my views on both -

EOS Lip Balm


I purchased this from a seller on Ebay, as EOS is not available in the UK. I purchased the Honeysuckle flavour, which as you can see from the pictures comes in a light green colour packaging.
I could not wait to try this product, and as soon as I opened up the envelope I had to put it on my lips! I've tried this a few times now, and I have to say I am really disappointed with it. I don't feel as though I get any moisturisation on my lips from this, I almost feel as though this dries out my lips more than anything. It also leaves a strange texture on my lips (very hard to explain this), almost as if I have been eating anything greasy? The scent on this product is also no where near as strong as I thought it would be. I was expecting a fresh floral scent that would be nice for the rest of the summer, however I find it hard to get anything from it. I love the packaging of this product, but am just so annoyed that what is inside does not match the outside.


Balmi lip balm

I purchased this Balmi from my local Boots store whilst they were doing a 3 for 2 on lip care (I think this deal is still going on), I purchased the Raspberry flavour, which comes in lovely bright pink packaging.
I wasn't as excited to try this product, only because I've not heard as many people discuss it and give reviews. I was expecting this to be just a knock off of the EOS products, I could not of been more wrong! As soon as I tried this product, I fell in love! I could smell the fresh Raspberry scent as soon as I opened the packaging, it was subtle and fruity and not overly sweet. This seems to melt on contact with your lips, meaning it goes on smoothly with no dragging and leaves a thin glossy looking sheen to the lips. I found this product lasted quite well on my lips, and didn't seem to slip or get on my teeth or tongue like I find some lip balms do. This product left my lips feeling soft and moisturised, and is almost on par wit my beloved Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream!

End Verdict -

I will continue to use both products, so I can give them both a fair chance and test them in different situations. HOWEVER, at this moment in time, my vote goes with Balmi hands down! This is my current favourite lip balm, and I will be adding to my collection very soon! Not only is this more easily available in the UK, it my eyes it is a far superior product. I can't wait to see if Balmi bring out any other products in the future.

J x