Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nails galore!

Now, what none of you know is that as much as I love my beauty and all things pampering, I have a dirty secret. My dirty secret is that I am a horse rider and because of this spend most of my time in scraggy clothes on a smelly farm! So I spend most days with no make up on at all!

However, I have this thing about having nice nails. So the only thing I do religiously every 2 weeks is have my nails done. It's my little treat to myself. I normally just have a simple French manicure, with maybe the odd gem or bit of paint on, but recently I've been feeling more adventurous. Maybe this is because of the lack of summer to brighten my days.

So today was nail day, and we decided we'd try out some cute polka dots. I'm currently going through a cath Kidston and vintage phase, so thought they fitted quite well. Anyways have added a picture for you all to see, and I'm off to have a think about next time.

J x

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