Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fake Tan, Dark Sheets and the Kardashians

So... This weekend is a BIG weekend, and by BIG weekend I mean Hen Party (or should I say Bacholorette party). It's a family members wedding in less than 2 weeks, so we're off out for a "Kardashian" themed party. This means lots of leopard print, fake tan and BIG eyelashes!

I've started my preparation tonight by applying my fake tan. I like to use St Tropez foam fake tan applied with a tanning glove, however this time I have tried a so called dupe of this product St Moriz, again applied with a tanning glove. I have taken some before pictures and will make sure I post so after pictures when I get a chance, I might even compare the 2. Also I've already had my nails done (see previous post) so I'm almost ready to go.

If anyone has any tips of tricks that will get me looking as amazing as the Kardashian, it would be greatly appreciated.

J x


  1. thats a pretty cool themed bacholorette party!!! fake eye lashes, clip in extensions if your hair isnt as long, all over foundation and intense eyeliner!

    follow back

    1. Hi Jojo

      I went for MEGA eye liner and BIg hair. Had an amazing night, and actually feel fresh as a daisy this morning.

      J x