Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Gym bunny (in the making)

So with weddings galore this year, a holiday in Spain and me just fed up of feeling frumpy! I decided to dance with the devil and get a gym membership! Duh duh duuuh .................... Ok so it's not really THAT scary, however I have signed up on a 6 month contract, which I'm hoping will be a good enough reason to make me go. As I certainly do NOT want to waste a chunk of money each month. Also my older sister has membership there and she said she was starting to slack, so we're hoping we can motivate each other.

Now I for one do quite enjoy doing exercise and getting a bit sweaty, however I get very self conscious of the "taller, slimmer, more tanned and dramatically fitter" lady that always seems to pick a machine next to me and run rings round me without appearing to break a sweat. Seriously what is up with that?!?! Now I know going to the gym isn't really a place to wear makeup and worry what you look like, but I do feel a little better about myself if I have at the minimum killer eyebrows and fluttering lashes (not that I want to bat them at anyone, especially the hip swivel man who I always seem to make eye contact with whilst either him or I are in a compromising position!). So after having been going for a few weeks I have come up with my "gym face", this consists of the following items-

Mascara - currently either MUA every lash mascara in waterproof black, The Body Shop curvy waterproof mascara or Maybeline falsies mascara. I normally prefer a waterproof mascara for the gym, as I don't want to worry about any smudging or flaking whilst I'm getting all hot and sweaty, and wiping my face down. I also always curl my lashes before hand.

Eyebrows - I am currently addicted to MUA's eyebrow pencil in brunette and their Standard clear mascara. I am in love with both of these products as I feel the pencil is creamy and it applies well enough to give me a subtle feathery look, almost the same effect I would get from using a powder or wax. I am starting to like my eyebrows a bit heavier at the moment, I feel they frame my face better and make my eyes more prominent. And the clear mascara goes on nicely and slicks them down just enough to avoid crazy brows after a work out.

Lip balm/gloss - now I don't like to wear much on my lips, for fear of the dreaded sweaty upper lip and having it run onto my chin! However I find in most gyms (especially the one I go to) they have the air conditioning on pretty high and after being in their for an hour my lips feel parched. So I try and use my old faithful Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream or a good solid lipbalm such as chap stick. I avoid things that melt too much such as Vaseline or gloppy glosses as they just don't do the job.

Face - I DO NOT use blush! Heck my face goes beetroot red just looking at the entrance to the gym, I certainly don't need to make this more obvious. Instead I use my Rimmel stay matt powder all over, and then my ELF cool bronzer to add a touch of contour and subtle colour to my face. I also feel that by doing this it helps even out the redness once I get going.

So there you go, that is what I do for when I go to the gym. I also feel this look is good enough for me to be able to go out in public with after I've finished at the gym incase I need to pop somewhere or I'm heading straight to work after. Why don't you let me know about any strange places you wear make up and what your weapon of choice is.

J x


  1. How does the makeup stay while working out? Does it last?
    Makeup by Rachel

    1. It stays really well. Other than looking a bit sweaty, by the time I have gotten out to my car I just a gentle glow about my face. With no slipping of any make up applied. Means I can walk out feeling quite smug :)