Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mini Haul

Now I love seeing peoples hauls and having a bit of a geek at what they have been buying. It just makes me want to go out and spend whatever pennies I have in my wallet, which maybe is not the best thing? So this weekend I went out with my list of things that I wanted to inspect and purchase, and my wallet burning a whole in my pocket. Now I have to admit that I am a horrendous shopper! I can go out with a list of things, and not once will my list come out of my pocket whilst shopping. I get distracted by all the signs and bright colours that I completely forget what I went out for.

Anyway I digress, so I went out and bought nothing that I had planned to buy! But I did buy some lovely things.

Boots -

So as everyone knows Boots are currently running their 3for2 offer across the store, I managed to buy some lovely things for myself, along with a bunch of things that will be going into an international swap that I am doing with Min from minandmegs you can find their Twitter here. So what did I buy....

Barry M Gelly in Blueberry 235
Barry M Gelly in Blackberry 237
Barry M Gelly in Watermelon 237
Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Saphire Glitter 352
Barry M Nail Paint in Black Multi Glitter 333
Barry M Limited Edition Orange Web Effects 239
Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake 080
Plus all my things for Min, that will stay secret ;) Although I am tempted to repurchase these for myself.

(Apologies for not all items photographed)

Lush -

I am a new convert to Lush products. I am not a fan of their soaps, as nice as they smell they just don't react well with my skin as it is already very dry and easily flairs up. But I do love the scents of their other products and anything sweet is good in my books, so I wanted to try some of their sweeter items people have recommended.....
Lush Snowfairy Shower Gel
Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
As I said this was a mini haul, and most of it consisted of nail varnishes? Anywho, I'm sure hoping to get back to boots before the 3for2 runs out and purchase more things for myself. And I will certainly be putting up reviews of all the products once I've finished playing with them :)
Let me know if there is anything you like, or anything else you can recommend.

J x


  1. I am loving the nail polishes!!

    1. They are lovely! I can highly recommend them! Such good prices aswell x x

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes! Am currently painting my nails with 'blueberry' and am going to put a glitter top coat on them. Will post pics tomorrow. They are really nice varnishes, with lovely colour. I Definately want to get more colours! X x

    2. I love haul posts too! I really want to pick up a couple of the Barry M gelly polishes :)

    3. The colours of them are lovely, I do however find they chip quite easily on me :( am going to try them with a good top coat though and see if that makes a difference x