Sunday, 21 October 2012

My obsession.......


That's right people, I am OBSESSED with mascara. If I go out of the house in the morning with only 1 thing on, it must be mascara. I love the feeling it gives me when I have big fluttery lashes, whether it be to just pop up to the horses in the morning or to go out on the town. I feel by putting on mascara I immediately brighten up my face, and add definition to it. I always wear black mascara, as I don't feel brown gives me enough oomph, and I'm not interested in looking natural ;) I do on the odd occasion add a bit of colour on top, but I'm 95% black all the way.

Anyway, here are a few of my faves. Apologies for rubbish pictures, I'm having real issues with my camera :( If anyone can recommend a good one, it would be greatly appreciated.


The Body Shop - Big and Curvy Mascara

This mascara I have in normal and waterproof. I tend to wear this mascara when I just want an everyday mascara that is not too flashy, but is very black. The applicator is very thin, which means I can get in close to the base of my eyelashes and get good definition. This isn't a great mascara for when you want big winged out lashes or lots of curl and length.


The Body Shop - Super Volume Mascara

This is my tied favourite mascara of all time! I love the way I can build this mascara up and make it as thick and extravagant as I want it to be. The brush is really well bristled, which means I can really get into the base of my lashes and drag them up and out (which I LOVE). If I curl my eyelashes and then use this, I am guaranteed thick lustrous lashes that last all day with no flaking.


Maybeline - The Falsies Volume Express Mascara - Flared

This is my other tied favourite mascara of all time. Now I may sound odd here, but I like this mascara the older it gets, I like it when it has started to dry out a bit, as I feel it goes on better and I get better use from the brush. As when it is brand new I find it very slick going on, which to me means it is harder to build up. The applicator is brilliant, I can get real curl out of this mascara and really pull my lashes out and wing them easily. Also this provides me with minimal flakage ;)


MUA - Every Lash, Volume and Lengthening Mascara

I cannot believe that this mascara is only £2!! £2 for a brilliant mascara?!?!? What have I done to deserve this? Anywho.... as some of you may know, I have horses and regularly compete them and spend lots of my time outdoors and getting messy. This mascara is THE most amazing waterproof mascara I have ever tried. I can put this on first thing in the morning, when I'm dashing round to get ready for a competition or to go to the yard, and know that it will look as good after 12+ hours at a busy show or after a busy day at a competition. I am also allergic to dust and fur (don't ask why I still keep horses, even though I suffer because of this) so I regularly have watery eyes or very itchy eyes, and this mascara does not flake or budge even if I'm having a bad eye day. It gives me good definition and gives my eye lashes a slick and shiny look. The only bad thing I have about this mascara, is that it is quite hard to get off when you want too. It comes off in tubes, and I find the best way to get it off is to use hot water to loosen it and then roll my eyelashes through my fingers and work it off. I have however never suffered from panda eyes using this.

MUA - Clear mascara - £1

I use this mascara as a "top up" mascara, meaning I use it to update my mascara through out the day. So instead of piling on layer after layer of black mascara, I use this to give it a bit of a top up and brighten it throughout the day, whilst avoiding flaking. I also use this as my eyebrow setter, and it works really well for this too.

So there you are, there is a little look into one of my obsessions, and one of the reasons I love beauty blogs and read them. I love looking for new mascaras, and trying them out. So if any of you have any good ones you think I should try, let me know.

So if any of you have ant recommendations for mascara, my ears are open ;)


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